Creative agency in Bali
from investment
to first profit
Start your road to fame with just one idea.

Our mission is to help brilliant ideas from the smallest packaging of social networks to building a launch strategy in international markets.
Create branding
We will create the logo you dream of, as well as a design for an effective website and bright social networks
Launch advertising
Launching the best ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube and other advertising channels
Make sales
We help to improve and automate selling, upselling and cross-selling your multiple products
Select funds
Do you need money for fast growth? Write to us and we will help you find the right investor for you
Sleepdoctor in Paris
We have set up attracting sleep apnea clients in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg. Then we helped it grow 25 times in 1 year, as a result, the startup raised $500,000
Wedding dance in California
We relaunched Facebook advertising and increased sales by 3 times.
Chai Chitai in Bali
At the stage of developing a marketing and investment strategy to raise $2,000,000 and open 3 new stores in Bali
Not Guilty in NY
We set up an advertisement for legal services in New York, attracted lead at a cost of $ 10 per lead
Michael Beng from USA
We built an integrated marketing system for 5-STAR Business Academy - Michael Beng's company
Your project???🙂
Do you want your project to become famous? Write to us now
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
We work in Bali and all over the world
We come from Russia, where we launched more than 350 projects and stopped our activities after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Now we are helping the founders of companies to launch and grow startups around the world. Now our portfolio includes projects from America, Europe and Asia.
Speak Russian and English
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