Sales of a $187,000 Fitness Trainer Course
The project is the launch of the online course “Fitness trainer" on the basis of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba
100 sales with an average check of $1,700
The Task
What have we done
✔️ Analyzed the competitors and realized that it is necessary to create a modern image of professional sports education in Russia, different from the classic post-Soviet universities.

✔️ In this regard, we have developed a brandbook with the help of AI, which stands out with a modern style, bright elements and images of athletes from ancient Greece characteristic of sports, medicine and education

✔️ Developed a selling course website of 10+ blocks

✔️ Written announcements, warmups, scripts

✔️ Set up and launched ads in Yandex Search and got leads in a highly competitive niche for $2,5 instead of the forecast $40

✔️ Connected our sellers to the course sales: we have developed scripts, set up mailing lists, notifications, crm and dashboards

✔️ Controlled marketing and sales from the first negotiations to the completion of sales
Marketing and sales expenses
110 sales of $187,000
14 900%
The return on marketing
our comment
in this project, we were fully responsible for all marketing and sales, which gave such a strong effect due to the bold marketing packaging of the product.